Xi’an Trip 2010

11 May 2010


As I said on previous post, I will talk about my holiday trip to Xi’an. It was my first backpack trip, with very cheap train, cheap motel with transparent shower room, and no certain time to eat. But, well, it is a fun trip!! Love Xi’an so much!!

Okay… I will not tell you Xi’an’s history or how big is this city, because you can google it or bing it. What you need to know is Xi’an is one of city in China that rich of history, this is the city where all those China dynasties begun, the city where the Terracota Warrior stand up to protect Qin Shi Huang Di, the first emperor of China. It is an interesting city to explore. So, let the story begin…

As I said before, 9 of us use very cheap train to go to Xi’an. And the cheap price reveal the quality. The seat is really hard and make your ass hurt. It is a 15 hours trip by seat…you even can not sleep properly. Additionally, in China, there is ‘no seat’ passenger that has no seat to sit. So they will stand, seat, and even sleep in the alley. They’re kind of annoying because they make me cannot sleep well and block the way to go to toilet…Sigh… But, it is a new experience for me…so I try to enjoy and not be a grumpy person all night long like some of my friend. It’s backpacking and you’ll have to take the risk…

Basically, all plan that we arranged before is totally ruin because of this train. Most of us feel tired and have pain in their ass literally. Thus, made us canceled our plan. We suppose to be go to terracotta warriors just after we arrived at Xian and after that we go to climb Hua Shan Mountain and spend a night at the east peak to see the sunrise in the morning, but it won’t happen. Instead, we went to the hotel first, slept and took shower, had lunch, and went to Terracotta Warriors Museum by Bus No. 5 (306).

This museum is awesome, there are 3 pits full of terracotta warriors and one exhibition hall. This terracotta warriors have no same face for each other and they actually full color. The fact that always amaze me is all of those warriors are hand made with very simple tools, but they could make it very detail.

Pit 1 of Terracotta Warriors Museum- photo courtesy by Audrey JK

courtesy by Audrey JK

After we spent apprx. 6 hours of our life there, we headed back to Xi’an and enjoyed the magnificent Muslim Street. As a Muslim, I am so happy to be here, because I actually can eat everything!! Not like in Beijing, all the food here is HALAL!! And so TASTY!!! Also, if you want to buy some Xi’an’s souvenirs, you better get them here because it is cheaper!!

DAY 2 it’s Hua Shan time, we went by train from Xi’an train station that only cost you 20 yuan at 11.30. So, we have to skip our lunch. On the train, we played a lot of silly games, such as ‘polisi maling’, ‘bubuchacha’, and ‘kata berantai’.
We arrived at Hua Shan around 1, went to the ticket office by the black cab, headed to the cable car by mini bus, and took cable car to reach the north peak.
Even though the queue was frustrating and the ticket is so expensive, all worth it for what you can see at Hua Shan. It was ADORABLE!! AMAZING!! makes you feel so little in front of GOD!!

After that enchanting moment, we went back to Xi’an by bus. It took 2 hours and when we reached Xi’an, there was no restaurant opened. Fortunately, we found a ‘malatang in the pot’. It is kind of spicy soup filled with bakwan, telor puyuh, bihun, rumput laut, dan tofu. It so warm and suitable for those who haven’t their lunch…

Day 3, we really wanted to go to Bell Tower and Drum Tower. So after checked out from the motel we walked to go there because every people said it was so closed. But, we ended up with walking and walking but still didn’t find out that place.
Finally, we bumped out with the other Muslim Street that not too much crowded like the first day Muslim Street. What we did here? EAT!! EAT!! and EAT!! All the snack tastes AMAZING!! It’s like we eat every 2 meters walk!! CRAZY!!

Then we decided to go to the Big Goose Pagoda by taxi. But, we decided not to enter the pagoda and just took picture from the outside. Next, we planned to go to City Wall, but the very comfortable chair and breezing wind at the Pagoda Park made us sleepy and too lazy to move. So, we sat there for about 2 hours, enjoyed the wind and had a cup of DQ’s Blizzard.

It is already the time for us to leave Xi’an. We entered the Xi’an Train Station and say goodbye to this Historical City. I promised to go back to this city only to climb the Hua Shan mountain and see the sunrise from the East Peak!!


P.S: Next post will be the unforgettable things at Xi’an… and, oh, there will be some gross stuff too…

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